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Electrum Server Performance Report Comparing and contrasting the performance of 3 popular Electrum server implementations.
Trickery is Not a Vulnerability – Replace By Fees At Ledger, we continuously strive to enhance the security that our devices and software bring. In these efforts, we’ve improved Ledger Live’s UX to decrease the chance of becoming a victim of a specific type of scam attempt. We’d like ...
Buy vs Own: Do You Really Own the Crypto You Just Bought? For the past two weeks, you’ve been spending hours on the internet exploring the meanders of the crypto world, confronting yourself with cryptic jargon such as sats, shills, pump and dump. Reading white papers (or at least trying to), devouring ...
Staking vs Saving: Which Passive Income Option is Better? Cryptocurrency staking is rapidly growing in popularity among cryptocurrency holders thanks to the accessibility and profitability of the practice. However, investors are often torn between the high yield offered by staking coins, and the security offered by a standard savings account. ...
Zenledger Discount Now Live Ahead this year’s tax deadline, we’re happy to announce a helpful discount
Into the Cosmos with Ledger We ‘re excited to introduce a new staking option with a new cryptocurrency joining Ledger Live. Please give it up for Cosmos (ATOM), which you can now manage and stake directly in our application. Late 2019, we integrated Tezos to ...
Truly Own Your Money, Not Under Your Mattress We all know someone, usually an elderly gent or lady, who stashes their money below their mattress, or any other place in their house, since they do not trust banks. From the financial crisis in 2007/2008, we learned that this ...
Casa Wallet: a simple, secure wallet for Bitcoin A few weeks ago, we announced investment from Mantis VC, the venture arm of The Chainsmokers, to make self-custody the norm for consumers everywhere.
Casa supports ION for Bitcoin-based identity Casa is proud to support the ION (Identity Overlay Network) project, which is working to build decentralized digital identity with Bitcoin at the base layer.
Version 3.1.4 Released (BIP-85 added / BIP-143 defences) Security Fix (BIP-143 replay attack)
This release includes defences for an attack against SegWit users.
Please upgrade ASAP.
This issue can only affect SegWit addresses, and would require you to
accidentally sign twice for what looks like the same transaction. ...
The Dos and Don'ts of Bitcoin Key Management The Internet is a dangerous place, especially when you're protecting bitcoin. Jameson covers what you need to know to stay safe in this perilous environment.
Bitcoin Core 0.20.0 Released Bitcoin Core version 0.20.0 is now available for download. For a complete list of changes in this new major version release,
please see the release notes.
If have any questions, please stop by the #bitcoin IRC chatroom
(IRC, web) and ...
BIP-143 Vulnerability A security researcher has reported
an attack leveraging an known
issue with how BIP-143 commits to segwit inputs.
If malware
is in a position to tamper with your PSBT data, and it can get you
to sign twice, it may ...
🎉 Casa Announces Investment from Mantis VC Casa and The Chainsmokers’ new venture capital fund, Mantis VC, join forces to bring Bitcoin self-custody to consumers everywhere.
Casa's Seedless Security Model Seed phrases are the keys to your bitcoin kingdom; Jameson makes the case for why bitcoin users should not need to manually manage their seed phrase backups.
Laser Fault Injection Ledger’s Donjon lab has posted a
new security report regarding the older Coldcard  Mk2 .
It’s an amazing report, and very exciting to see the
extreme level of resources put into research of our products.
We think they are the most ...
bitcoincore.org hidden service After frequent requests, this site is now reachable as a Tor hidden service
through an onion address:
As well as adding another means of censorship resistance, a hidden
service gives an alternative trust path that doesn’t rely on certificate
SLP Bitcoin Custody Series Welcome to the Bitcoin Custody Interview Series. Hopefully you will enjoy this as a follow on from my prior Hardware […]