Billfodl Multishard


the Billfodl Multishard™


Protect your ticket to the moon with the Billfodl Multishard™ 2-of-3 backup device.

The Billfodl Multishard™ is an evolution of the original Billfodl design. With the Multishard, you are given 3 single-sided stainless steel units very much resembling the original Billfodl. However, each of these units only stores 16 of the 24 words your seed phrase is made of. Each unit tells you which 16 of the 24 words to load, and after full installation, you will have backed up each seed word twice. Any recovery efforts in the future will require 2 of the 3 devices because that is the only way to know the entire seed phrase.


There are two main benefits to splitting your seed this way

1. Redundancy
The Multishard requires that you keep a redundant backup which means that even if one shard is lost or destroyed, you have others to rely on.

2. Exposure Resistance
One threat no single whole-seed backup can really protect you from is seed exposure (when someone finds your backup and now knows the entire recovery phrase). With the Multishard, you are not only protected from environmental threats like fires and floods, but also human attacks on your coins. Finding a shard is not the same as finding your seed.