KeepKey: Key Stack – Builders Edition


KeepKey: Key Stack – Builders Edition

The Builders Stack is the beginning of a journey in cryptocurrency security & storage. This stack allows you to back up one 24-word recovery seed. Perfect for backing up the recovery cipher from your KeepKey hardware wallet.


Modular Design: 

Expand your Builders Edition with up to nine additional Stack Plate Add-Ons of your choosing.

Why Black Anodized Stainless Steel?

The black anodized finish allows for enhanced visibility after the engraving of characters exposes the raw stainless steel beneath. Plus, compared to paper and USB drives, stainless steel wins – hands down – in terms of extreme durability.


How long will it take me to engrave each plate?

Average time takes less than 5 minutes.



Product Dimensions:

2″W X 3.5″L X ~ 1/2″ H

Blank Mnemonic Plates included: 3

Plate Expansion Slots Remaining: 7


Important Information / Disclaimer:

The owner of the product also serves as the personal engraver of their private information. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that their engraving is legible. Engraving stainless steel is an extremely effective way to make a lasting mark. Once the product is released to and modified by the customer, it is the customer’s responsibility to periodically inspect the Crypto Key Stack to ensure the product maintains legibility to the customer’s standards.

The user is 100% responsible for their private keys and funds. Crypto Key Stack, and any shareholders affiliated with Crypto Key Stack release all liability once the product has been modified by the customer.

By using the Crypto Key Stack and/or the included engraver, you are agreeing to not hold Crypto Key Stack LLC or any shareholders affiliated with Crypto Key Stack liable for any legal claims. The engraver is intended for limited use on the Crypto Key Stack only. The user should wear eye protection gear while engraving.

Engraver requires two AA batteries, not included.