Trezor One Hardware Wallet


Trezor One Cryptocurrency Wallet

Use without a risk

Bitcoin is secure by design. All you need is a tool to use it without risk.
All you need is your own Trezor One wallet.


Leave behind the viruses and keyloggers. Forget about doing regular backups, reading encryption manuals, printing paper wallets and making offline storages. Next time you see another 10+ steps guide to secure your bitcoins, just skip reading it.


Trezor is a USB 2.0 device compatible with Windows, Linux and macOS (10.8 or higher).



Trezor supports more than 500 coins

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The most trusted hardware wallet in the world.  No matter whether you’re new to Bitcoin or already a security expert. Trezor is the Bitcoin wallet choice #1 for everybody. Get yours today!

Whats in the box?

  • Trezor device
  • Micro USB cable
  • 2x Recovery seed booklet